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Environmental Statement

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It is the policy of Bordeaux Specialty Veneers (BSV) and its shareholders to commit to and ensure the protection of our environment and its natural resources. Since our business is dependent upon the continual renewing of the world’s forests, we will strive to certify that the products we promote are sustainable.

Through achieving the necessary certifications, developing relationships with environmentally responsible suppliers, and continuing to upgrade our own processes and technologies, we will strive to comply with all legislation and regulations to promote sustainable forestry programs. Bordeaux Specialty Veneers (BSV) will pursue accreditation and certifications with organizations and affiliations whose primary goals are to ensure proper forestry management. We will outline objectives that best suit our level of involvement so that we can truly have an impact on our global environment.

We will further pursue business relationships with suppliers that operate conscientiously in regard to sustainable forestry practices, and we will refuse to conduct business with vendors that knowingly violate regulations and/or general ethical laws regarding sustainable forestry management. We intend to thoroughly investigate all suppliers in regard to their environmental policies and practices.

Only those proven to conduct proper harvesting practices and environmental management programs will be added to our supplier list. In addition to choosing only the best suppliers, we will make all efforts to use the most environmentally-friendly technology available. By implementing technology that allows for the maximum yield on the wood products we distribute, we intend to decrease the waste products substantially.

Through persistent research and technological advances in machinery, we will attempt to maximize the most our forests have to offer with little or no impact on the environment. Bordeaux Specialty Veneers (BSV) and its shareholders understand the importance of proper forestry practices, not only for our trade, but for the effect(s) it has on the environment as a whole. We believe that wood is truly a renewable resource, but only to the point that we act as proper stewards to our forests. By making the appropriate alliances, knowing from where and how our product is produced, and doing what we can to maximize its uses, we can do our part to ensure its survival.

Environmental Statement - Bordeaux Specialty Veneers - Bsv