Knotty, Pippy Oak

Knots and pips are features that add character to veneers. Its clearly a market trend, architectural projects, furniture and kitchen makers are in search of authenticity and sustainabiliy, concepts that wood as a material can easily answer to.
Our logs are exclusively coming from our best forests of France.
With more than 2 millions square meters produced annualy we are able to offer all grades and thicknesses from 0.6mm to 2.00 mm.

Knotty Oak

Pippy Oak

Burls for Automotive Industry

The use of burl and other wood veneers as interior automobile trim has always signaled both elegance and luxury.BSV can supply Ash and Mappa wood veneers for automobile dashboards kits.

Ash Muscle Grade

Mappa Burl

Ash Swirl 

Dashboard using our veneers

Exotic Veneers

Exotic species are definitively part of our history. Among figured veneers such as Makore, Aniegre, pommele veneers such as Sapele, we also have a true know-how in producing both Mahogany and Okoume crotches.

Okoume Crotch

Mahogany Crotch

Cereijera Crotch

Figured Makore

Steamed Beech

Its warm and natural appearance with its clear color and fine grain make Beech one of the most used woods in Europe.
Bordeaux Specialty Veneers (BSV) can produce upon request in any thickness (up to 2 mm) both rift or flat cut.

French Oak Logs

You need oak logs to make flooring, table tops etc. We can inspect and provide you with the best quality possible.

French Oak Lumbers

“French Pippy” oak boards.
Unmatched boards coming from France PEFC certified logs. Wood in a fresh state, wiped under shed to prevent gerse. Storage on rods for task control.
Dimensions and Quality: Quality QB 2 and 3 untrimmed, choice known as “pippy” with presence of healthy knots.
Dimensions: 30 mm thickness, length 250 cm and +, width 15 cm and +.
Uses: Choice in which the esthetic effect is sought, for furniture, kitchen, decoration, arrangement…

Real Veneer Edgebanding

This is the solution to cover edges of standart wooden boards for furniture industry.
The surface is smoothly sanded.
Specy : European Oak
Thickness : 0.35mm to 0.50mm according to customer needs ( 1- Layer- construction).
Width : From 120mm up to 210mm according to customer needs

All our products are either PEFC 100 %, FSC 100 % or FSC CW
PEFC - Environmental Statement - Bordeaux Specialty Veneers - BSV
Fsc - Bordeaux Specialty Veneers - BSV